DIY Microwave Omelette

Introduction: DIY Microwave Omelette

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I like a big breakfast and wanted to save some money by bringing in items from home to cook with instead of spending money on a cafe or store meal.

For this example I took from my fridge:

  • two eggs
  • a small amount of shredded cheese
  • half a diced roma tomato
  • two pieces of bread

Step 1: Crack and Stir Eggs

Next I cracked a couple of eggs into a paper cup and mixed them with a plastic fork.

Step 2: Dump Into Cooking Baggie With Tomatoes

Then I just poured the mixed eggs into the baggie of diced tomatoes and wiggle the bag around a shake or two.

Step 3: Cook for a Minute

This is the easy part. The baggie goes onto a paper plate straight into the microwave for a minute. It's notable that sitting the baggie upright helps it not leak all over the place and no, it won't melt in only 60 seconds.

After a minute I lay it down flat as pictured in the second photo and give it another 15 seconds. Leaving it in the baggie helps trap a lot of moisture and keeps the eggs nice and wet and hot.

The last part of this step is to tear the bag open and add the cheese.

Step 4: Start Toast and Add Cheese (optional)

Here is when I drop the bread into the toaster then cover the eggs in cheese.

Next throw it back in for another 15 seconds.

Step 5: Transfer to Toast and Add Some Hot Sauce.

Lastly remove the omelette and transfer over to a piece of toast and add some host sauce.

Step 6: Breakfast Is Ready


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