DIY Minimalist Ranger Band Sheath for Multitool or Folding Knife





Introduction: DIY Minimalist Ranger Band Sheath for Multitool or Folding Knife

Hi, all.
This video talks about how to make a very secure Ranger Band Minimalist sheath for carrying your multitool or folding knife horizontally on your belt.  I have jump and run tested this sheath with various kind of tools, and it manage to hold onto different tools just fine.  Hope you'd like it!



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Could you put the URL so we can view it on pour mobile devices?

Hi, Aeshir.

Thank you for the comment, and pardon me for a late reply. I did use this sheath for a pretty long while(at least more than half a year, daily, and through all kind of activities). I found that so as long my belt was not too loose, the sheath/tool pretty much just 'melt' onto my belt and I just forgot it was even there.

I think how long is the tool and the 'window' you cut open to allow a good balance of easy access and secure grip are the keys of making this sheath. Although it may not be as easy to use as a traditional sheath, the low profile of this thing is simply amazing.

Nowadays, I have migrated to the use of a new in-pocket soft pouch(since it carries a lot more than just a tool, I will make a video someday to introduce), but still use this sheath and the magnetic one from time to time. Nonetheless, I am happy to report that I never lose a tool to either method. :)

Hi, are you referring to the other video about the magnetic sheath? :)

Woops, yes - that's what happens when you have the same site open in several tabs!

No worries, I will reply here(for another video, the DIY minimalist Magnetic sheath). Yes, the tool is indeed magnetized a bit, but after a month of everyday testing(and I keep the magnets on the tool even when it is off my belt when I sleep), I felt my tool(mainly I use the Swisstool Spirit) is very mildly magnetized. It could barely pickup a large paperclip.


4 years ago

I can't get the video to open on this one or the magnetic one you posted.

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May I ask what browser you are using? I tested both Chrome and IE, and so far so good.