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Hey guys today I will show you how to get instant quick and best way to make your teeth whiten at home naturally Check out full video tutorial on how to:

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Step 1: For This You Will Need,

1 table spoon baking soda

1 tablespoon salt

1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice

Step 2: How to Do It:

Mix all the ingredients.

Wet the toothbrush with warm water and then dip the toothbrush in to the baking soda paste.

Gently massage on your teeth for 2 minutes.

Rinse mouth with water to get rid of paste.

Do not swallow the mixture.

After that brush with your normal daily toothpaste.

Do the process for twice a week to get till the desired change.

Step 3: Benefits of Ingredients

Baking soda: It’s a good substance for teeth which helps to remove stain.

Lemon juice: Natural bleaching agent.

Thank you so much for watching...!!

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    2 Discussions

    When compared to artificial teeth whitening remedies, natural remedies are always the best choice for people in obtaining the perfect white teeth and smile in a short time without any serious side effects. Also, the cost of these natural remedies is literally low, when compared to artificial cosmetics.

    1 reply

    @shapna.patel.5 ...yeah it's always better to try home-remedies which will benefits us for long term in natural way and of course it will be less expensive than other paid beauty treatments ...!!!