DIY Newspaper/book Stand Made of Palette



You have always wanted a urban atmosphere on your apartment/room... palette are what you a looking for! This stand can be paint in different colors and is easy to do. 

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Step 1: Buy/find Material

You will need:

2x palette (I bought my palettes at a local reseller)

/!\ Working with palette, you might want to visit: AND

Step 2: Disassemble the Palettes

The hardest part of the work. The palettes aren't meant to be taken appart. I used screwdrivers, a saw and hammer to disassemble the palettes. 

How to disassemble palette:


Step 3: Paint in [choose Your Color and Be Creative]

I chose a normal painting for wood and paint it in black. 

Step 4: Assemble the Stand

With the 2x 2 exterior disasembled boards (thinner than the ones in the middle at the back of the palette), you will make the four edges. With the 2x board from the middle, you will attach the two palettes together. 

I used screws to assemble everything together. 

Step 5: For More DIY Palette Furniture

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