DIY Noise Isolated Headphones 2.5

Introduction: DIY Noise Isolated Headphones 2.5

  This is my Second time Doing this headphone project .  I decided to create this instructable :  in hopes of aiding anyone ;  in way other guides might not.
  Practicality of such a project varies , I will try to address a few circumstances. For me this project was ideal; being that i  have Four pairs of headphone drivers ( speakers) that came from old broken headsets: each more expensive than the last.  I rather have a little fun and save a few bucks, than buy some new ones. .

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Step 1: Materials

You will  need :
- salvage them from a  broken headset 
        - or sacrifice a working unit
        - or Buy them individually (google shop search: Helment Speakers)
        - or find subwoofers , mid range , and tweeter drivers small enough to fit into your contraption
          (powering them might get tricky)
- my first hack was with a set of  red nascar earmuffs from a Big5 sporting good store.
          they were  on clearance at $4.99 i spent a little more on this project,
           to achieve something more durable and with a nicer look.
        - get your earmuffs from wherever you want ,  thrift stores are a great place
          if saving money is an objective
        - solder iron, solder wire,
        - drill gun (i recommend a drill press if u can access one)
        - electrical tape
        - double sided tape
        - wire cutters, wire strippers or a simple razor ( depends on your cable type)

Step 2: Getting Started

Disassembly required
- take everything apart 
    - desolder connections ( place some markings and take notes if necessary )
    - note: left audio cable from right

Step 3:

 -Drill holes
 -Feed cable through holes ( leave some wiggle room)
 -add a stopper (to the stopper) by taping around a spot on the cable,
  otherwise you'll leave tension on the soldered spots
 -solder things back together
 - do some taping to clean things up if you like
 - reassemble


Warning: once you start listening to music at work ,home, or shooting range a functionality of
earmuffs that lets you hear  people speaking , to a degree, is practically  gone.
Be aware of your surroundings, and use them at appropriate times, like while practicing loud music,
at the shooting range, or ignoring a nag; although i wouldn't  recommend that
because it tends to exacerbate the situation.

Step 4: I Made It at TechShop

techshop is sweet place to exercise some creativity , with access to more tools and equipment that would ever fit in my imaginary garage.
check them out at

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