DIY Outdoor Fireplace With BBQ Grill /brick/




Introduction: DIY Outdoor Fireplace With BBQ Grill /brick/




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    May i ask why you put the riverstones under the concrete? Does it stabilise the foundation or what? Also the same goes for the trenches you made instead of a "flat" hole...

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    It's only for concrete savings. Fireplace is not a big building so there
    is no need to have all-concrete foundation. My English is not very good
    so sorry to translation helps me Mr. Google :)

    The videos not working, would love to see it. Really nice job

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    Wow! I neither have the place nor the tools nor the skills to do such a thing, but my god! This fireplace looks beautiful! I always adored the feeling of an open flame and havent lost the fascination of campingfires in my 34 years. I would love to sit there and have a cosy BBQ! :)

    wish you wrote something. .....

    Video (Fig. 1) shows the construction step by step. Perhaps it will serve as an inspiration to others

    This looks nice!

    This would be great if you added some written information about how you made this. It looks very interesting!