DIY Pallet Wood Trellis Planter for Indoor Food Production. FVM Jardiniere Treillis Pour Jardiner En Hiver. Jardinera Celosia - Bricolaje Con Madera De Palet




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How to grow food indoors in Winter and overwinter perennial vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and chillies with this trellis planter made from repurposed pallet wood. It's so sad that in a cold climates we lose so many perennial vegetables  to the cold each Winter and have to start them off each Spring from seed. We've tried already keeping a few in pots but this time we are upping production! Cost - 50 cents.

Public Domain Music from Nowick Gray and Eugene Neptune, GreenEarthForever:

Comment cultiver à l'intérieur des légumes en hiver et hiverner des plantes vivaces comme les poivrons, les tomates, les aubergines et les piments avec cette jardinière treillis fabriqués à partir de bois de palette réutilisé. Le coût de Jardinière treillis - 50 centimes.

Crecer en el interior de los alimentos en invierno y pasan el invierno perennes tales como pimientos, tomates, berenjenas y pimientos con esta jardinera celosía hechos de madera palets reutilizados. Esta jardinera celosía  me costó 50 centavos de hacer.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is so awesome ! A few streets over from where I live, someone made these. As soon as I noticed them, I stopped short, got out of my car and realized they were made from PALLETS (which I love) I started taking pictures of them from every angle, to learn how they made them. A lady came out yelling at me haha, she thought I was taking pictures of her house, was scared. I apologized and explained what I was doing, and she laughed. Fantastic Job you did. I LOVE IT !!

    Hi Mohicansvalley, this trellis planter is in blog form in two parts here:
    and Part two -
    Get back to me if you still have a problem. We run a smallholding/homestead here and are virtually self-sufficient except for a small amount of electricity, so to be able to share my projects on Instructables I only have time to present them in video but I do try and follow up with written form on the blog. All the Best, Organikmechanic aka Andy