DIY Paper Christmas Tree



Introduction: DIY Paper Christmas Tree

About: Find the craft you like in EzyCraft tutorials in youtube. It is a great resource for you to make paper crafts, ranging from template card, origami to decor DIY.

DIY paper Christmas tree (fully instructed in the youtube video)

Basically you need 4 cards, double-sided sticky tape, craft knife, glue, superglue, paint brush and metallic paint (preferably gold).

Below is the summary instructions from the video.

Step 1. Download the template from the video description.

Step 2. Cut through the lines of ornaments.

Step 3. Cut out trees and the base.

Step 4. Paint the ornaments with fine brush.

Step 5. Put the trees together to make it 3d.

This is a very easy project which suits you and kids. Give it a try.

Happy crafting.

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