DIY Paper Towel Holder -- Watch Rack




Introduction: DIY Paper Towel Holder -- Watch Rack

It's just a paper towel rack that hung unnoticed for decades beneath a kitchen cabinet. I needed somewhere to store my watches so instead of pitching it, here it is, hanging in my closet above the ties and below the hats.

The only work involved was spraypainting an empty roll tube. With care, the cardboard tube will last indefinitely but I plan to find rigid plastic tubing with the correct inside diameter. You'll definitely want to do so if you own heavier watches.

As a bonus, the inside of the tube is ideal for storing extra watchbands, pins, etc.

Width of the rack gives room for about 7 watches, if you're a different-watch-every-day kind of person.

Total construction time: 20 minutes waiting for paint to dry; 30 seconds screwing rack to the wall.

PS Yeah, my watches are junk.

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