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Introduction: DIY Pocket Sized Bluetooth Receiver

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In this project I'm making an wireless bluetooth receiver that you can connect to any amplifier or headset and you don't have to deal whit the AUX cable and that you can't use your phone far away while playing music.

This is an easy project and an fun one!

Its 3v coming from the batteries and goes into an booster and becomes 5v that goes into an USB bluetooth receiver that you can connect to anything whit an AUX cable.

Step 1: Parts

parts that I used in this project:

* 2x AA batterys

* 2x AA battery holders

* 5v booster

* USB bluetooth music receive

* small switch

* glue

* tape

Step 2: Removing

remove the female and male USBs on the bluetooth receiver and 5v booster.

Step 3: Soldering

solder wires to + and - on the booster, than solder + to the + on the bluetooth receiver and - to -

Step 4: The Battery Holder

glue the two battery holders together, I used gorilla glue. Connect + to - on one side than stick some tape over it.

Step 5: The Switch

I used an DPDT switch but you can use any switches in this project but not an pushbutton.

solder one of the cables to the switch and use the wire you cut off on the other pin.

Step 6: Connecting

soldier the wire coming from the switch to the input - on the 5v booster (depending on what wire you soldered to the switch).

Solder the + wire from the battery to the input + on the 5v booster.

Step 7: Gluing

put the wires in place and glue everything together. Be careful not to get glue inside the switch!

Step 8: Play Music!

find the bluetooth receiver on your smart phone and connect to it, if yours has a password than the code is probably 0000 or 1234.


Check out my channel, maybe you like more of my projects.
If there is any questions just ask in the comments or send me an message :)



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    14 Discussions

    Where can I buy the Bluetooth receiver model that you used, I searched everywhere but the size you are using is not available.


    1- how is sound quality?

    2- does the sound quality depend on bluetooth circuit or earphones mostly?

    Pls.... I hve a doubt.... pls reply soon.... What happens if I give 9v to the booster instead of 2 1.5v batteries??.... Thanks in advance,..... :)

    u can remove the resistor on the receiver and a AAA battery can run it making the reciever more compact and effecient

    put it on ebay, ill buy it

    good idea. I wouldn't use it for my headphones. but I would definitely use it in my car. I think it would be perfect for it.

    1 reply

    I found this on ebay this should work? I guess they are the same as what you use above.

    1 reply

    Hai ibenkos, I want to try this but I dont know where to purchase the 5v booster. Could you give a link for me to buy it please. TQ so much.