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About: My name is Taylor, I am an electrical repair tech by day and an engineer by night, after work or free time.

I love pool and all things related to pool. And because of that I made this! I turned a kids toy pool table into a wall clock, using the balls as the numbers indicating the time. Why didn't I play it instead? Well I tried. But after years of playing on a real table this one just lacked everything. While it looks like a pool table it doesnt play like one. It is slow and you can't get any spin on the cue ball so instead of it sitting on my floor I figured why not turn it into a clock! If you love pool or know someone who does and would love this as a gift then you are in the right place!  I will show you how easy it is to turn a childs toy pool table into a clock. Perfect for any fan of the game, mancave or just a wall decoration!

Step 1: All Things Needed

You will need
Small toy pool table (found it at good will)
the pool table balls
An ordinary face clock
and certain tools 

Step 2: Gut the Clock

After you get your clock take it apart, Most face clocks are easy to take apart. first pop off the plastic then remove the hands and paper with numbering. Don't ruin the number paper.

Step 3: Clock Circuit

You can either solder two wires to the clock circuit boards battery connection or solder a battery pack to it. My clock uses one double a battery. if your clock has a battrey pack that is connected to the circuit board unlike mine then you can skip this step

Step 4: Getting the Mini Table Ready

This is the hardest part, in my opinion. You have to take apart the table and find the middle. accurately find the middle. If you guess you might regret it. 

If your mini table has a rail system unscrew it from the table then unscrew the sides of the table. there are four sides. After you have the table fully taken apart and the sides put to the side you will be focusing on the table (big flat pool playing surface) itself. On the back of the table use a permanet marker to mark the middle. How do you find the middle? Easy. If youre good with rulers. first measure the width and divide it by 2 and mark the middle of the width. Then measure the lenght and divide it by 2 aswell and you will have the middle of the lenght. For exampe the length of my table was 19 inches that divded by 2 left me with 9.5. So I measured 9.5 inches in, which is the middle of the length. Then simply take a ruler with a level and draw a line across from each middle and you wil be left with an intersection. Where the two lines intersect is now your new middle! The exact middle of the table! I know I probably confused the heck out of you with all that so I have included picutres!

After you found the middle of the table drill a hole in its place. This hole will be where the clock mechanisim fits through. I cut a small square around the hold to prevent the arms from snagging.
After the hole is made go ahead and put the table back together

Step 5: Adding the Clock Circuit to the Table

This part is rather easy. Take the hands off of the clock circuit gear part and reassmble it through the hole in the pool table. Then secure the circuit using hot glue. 

Step 6: The Number Placement

this step helps guide the number placement so you get a nice consistent pattern. Simply take the number face plate from the clock and poke holes in the middle of the numbers. Then take the number piece and center the clock hands in the middle of it like it was originally. Then take a permanet marker and color in the holes you poked through the number piece. This gives you an acurate placement for the pool balls as numbers!

Step 7: Adding the Pool Balls

I used hot glue to mount the balls to the table which to my surprise turned out very good. I know hot glue isn't usually a great adhesive but this type of fabric (felt) holds this glue very very well. using the mark from the marker and the minute hand as a guide carefully place one ball at a time in its place. 

Step 8: Final Touches

add the battery pack if you havent already and for fun I glued the cue ball on he table :) 

Now you need to come up with a way to mount it on the wall. I used two screws provided by the side and wrapped picture string around them and screwed it tight. Now I can hang it on a wall! 

Step 9: Pick a Wall Any Wall!

After you finished it and are sure it works pick a wall and hang it :D

Step 10: Add Some More to It?

This is optional. I took the rack and a small cue and hung it around the table. It adds to it a lot! I then added a few leds to it, these help light it up at night :) this is all optional but get creative! Thanks for viewing! hope you enjoyed!

the lights are not as bright as the camera makes them appear lol. 



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. How about using little pool cues for the clock's hands?


    Reply 5 years ago

    good wow? its one of my favorite projects! still running on a somewhat dead battery