DIY Pop Can Lamp




Introduction: DIY Pop Can Lamp

Very simple and is made of materials that you can find around the house. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

1. A pop can
2. Paper towel
3. Bar-B-Q starter fluid(any liquid fuel will do)

Step 2: Preparing to Light

First you have to bend the tab off the can and add about 1/2 to 3/4 full of fuel. Now it is time to create the wick. Get three squares of paper towel and roll it up then fold it in 1/2 and yours should look like the one in the picture. Now stuff it in the can so the fold is sticking out so it looks like the one in the picture.

Step 3: Light It Up

Before you light it up you can let it sit and wait for the fuel to reach the tip of the wick or you can quickly tip it over 1 or 2 times and then light it.



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    If you used patrolium (sp?) jelly it should last longer than the feul. I have not tried this personally but my husband has a survival book that said it. Maybe a thing to think about. You would just coat the paper towel with it.

     no after it uses all the fuel then it will burn the paper towel

    could some1 fill an airsoft hopper with lighter fluid, put a flame on a stick at the end (far enough out to prevent flame going up the barrel), and shoot it. sorry for the random post, tell me what happens, i am not responsible for the damage you will undoubtedly do

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    There's always a risk. If you want to be safe get a steel screen and epoxy it over the end of the nozzle. The flame won't travel past it. And if you're really going to be safe, use denatured alcohol, it won't eat through the plastic of the Super Soaker.

    it is basic and also is the flame reaces all the fuel inside it could blow up the can and get hot burning fuel on evry1 and thing around it

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    I liked the idea, and by the sound of it you, must be Canadian, I'll have to try the can torch sometime, thanks for the idea.

    if u were to throw it, what would it do, could it explode or sumthing, cause that would be cool.

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    dude this is just lighter fluid you can tell you've never blown anything up before lol

    i imagine some of the fuel would spill out of the opening, ignite, then burn on whatever it lands on. it wouldnt be very impressive, at least not impressive enough to warrant the irksome arse-kicking your soon-to-be-very-annoyed mum will unleash upon you when she sees what you've done to the lawn. now go to your room.

    I like your enthusiasm but this WAAAAAYYY to basic. Bus I do have a sugguestion to make it more ,um, "flashy". Add six crumpled up sparklers an a couple of batteries and youll have a real eye-opener!! With all do respect

    This seems to work better for me with the can 1/3 full of paint thinner, and the wick as a sponge.

    nice this is an awsome little fire it will scare but not really hurt

    Well my brother ran it over with his bike and huge flames shot out. As you can see this is another one.