DIY Popcorn Maker

Introduction: DIY Popcorn Maker

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What if you are planning a movie marathon with your friends? Well, what's movies without popcorn? Then realization dawns upon you........I DON'T HAVE A MICROWAVE!!! This is an easy project which takes 5 minutes to set up. It can make a lot of popcorn for you and your friends to enjoy :)

Step 1: Materials

All you need is :

1) An aluminium can

2) Popcorn kernels

3) A marker

4) A pair of scissors

Optional :

1) Tape

2) Sandpaper

Step 2: Preparing the Can

NOTE : You might want to sand of the paint, as when heated the heat can react with the paint and result in something we don't want.

First of all, draw a rectangle on the can as shown in the picture. Then, cut along the rectangle and pull the flap out.

Wash the can to remove any toxic powder in it. You might want to put tape around the sharp ends as you don't want to cut yourself.

That's it! You've made your very own popcorn machine!

Step 3: Popping Time!

Put the can on the stove as shown in the first picture.

Pour some oil through the top and toss some kernels in the can.

Put the stove on LOW heat. (I put it on medium heat the first time, and the can got burnt. LOL)

After a few seconds, it should start popping!

Step 4: Finished!

That's it! Now you and your friends can enjoy the delicious popcorn. Yummm........

This, combined with a can stove can make for the ultimate portability.

Thanks for seeing this instructable. Also, suggestions in the comments will be welcome :)

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    2 years ago

    The aluminium can covered with a some plastic material inside. It's not healthy to heat it up.