DIY Portable Power Sorce {from Old Parts}

Introduction: DIY Portable Power Sorce {from Old Parts}

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I got old cordless vacuum cleaner, I tried to fix it but only "healthy" parts were batterys and charger so I used them to make a portable power supply.The charger has a 3.5 mm male connector so I wired batterys to a 3.5 mm female connector and when I use power supply I just connect the project, device or PCB to power supply using male connector. The batters are 1.5v connected in series and each has 1400 mAh and the output of charger is 3v 0.2A.

I just try to reuse as much old parts I can to create something useful, this small device can be useful for testing PCB-s and others but you can also use it for some specific project of yours.If someone has ideas for upgrading this small device send it it is always good to have constructive opinion.

Some basic things to check out and are helpful to your projects.

Amper hours

Rechargeable battery

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