DIY Projection Screen





Introduction: DIY Projection Screen

After finding a nice cheap LCD projector I needed a decent projection screen. Here's how I made mine.

Step 1: The Frame and Fabric.

I decided to recycle some lightweight PVC I made a banner stand with a few years ago I didn't need anymore. After assessing the parts I had to play with, I decided on a good large size with roughly a 4:3 aspect ratio. The pieces in white were the only ones I needed to buy new. I also wanted it to be able to break into two pieces for when I move, so there is one half shaped like a square, and another shaped like a "C".

As for the screen material, I went down to Johannes fabric and looked around for the brightest, shiniest fabric I could find. Surprisingly it was the back side of some terrible gold pleather.

Step 2: Tie 'er Down.

The fastest and best way I could think of to hold the fabric tight and straight is to tie it down like a drum. I cut little slits every 2.5 inches or so with a razor, then wound string around the pipe and through the holes. I drilled holes in the corners to anchor the string.

Step 3: Ceiling Attachment

I opted for something more temporary since I change my mind way too much for my own good. The two top points are able to swivel, allowing the screen to be lifted and locked in an upward position. I have a crappy florescent light in the ceiling which I made hooks attach to.

Step 4: Conclusion

All in all, the screen came out really great considering I only spent about $10 on it, plus the recycled parts. It's a vast improvement over the sheet I was projecting on previously.

FYI: it may seem like one side of the screen is longer, but it's not, the projector is just slightly off angle at the time of taking the photos.



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    Hi Bray! I came across this while looking for LCD reuse hacks. Nice work on the screen :)

    my friend told me to buy high gloss white paint or white board paint and
    paint the wall where i want the screen to be. has anyone tried this idea? did it work ok?

    everyone i couldn't afford grommets and the grommet machine so i put in reinforced button holes with my sewing machine and it has lasted a long time

    Projectors have become incredibly cheap at and if you have a spare wall, there is white projector screen paint available to give you a crisp picture. If you create your own screen as in this project, if the material is tight enough you can also use the projector screen paint.

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    Here is my professional advise on screen paint. If it was really a good alternative to real screen material, then movie theaters would use it. I hate to see people spend hundreds on paint only to find out that the results are less than nice. ProScreens at has a wide range of real screen materials at all different price ranges. You can also find projectors and theater furniture there.

    Doing the holes with a grommet kit is the way to go. My screen has been going strong for a few years now. They can get to be a bit expensive with the number needed for a whole screen, but its well worth the investment.

    cheap projector you can find the small children's eyeclops projector on ebay with a little stand for 44.99 right now it comes with a built in speaker and if you saved your nvideo 9500 gt cords you have the s-cable to componet cable to use on your computer also the speaker doesn't get loud so you can go to walmart .com right now and pick up the home theater system for 23.00 all thats left is to make your screen your projector screen size will be 60 inches .not for 1080i or blue ray 

    A grommet kit can purchased for cheap at any hobby store. This would add even more tear out strength.

    I made one for 7.50$ I simply went to the grocery store and got 3 rolls of wax paper, the wider the better, and a roll of black duct tape. You cross hatch the wax paper and sort of weave it together, and then you get a hot iron and sear them together. The duct tape is for the border. then you just have to put 3 hooks in the ceiling, or hole less with really strong stick on Velcro, I used both and they work great.Wax paper is pretty tough especially in a few ply's, and it is extremely cheap and easy to find. I had a problem finding good fabric for cheap at a store, great Idea tho!

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    Food for thought I bought a projector a while ago and have been thinking of make a screen, however A. I'm Lazy and B. I'm cheap Even with those wonderful personality traits I think a roller shade (one of those spring loaded roll up window shades) with some dark color fabric adhered to the back would work wonderfully and be i just have to work on the lazy part

    Thank you for the inspiration. I made one of these. I used grommets but not as many as this one would have required and where I ran out of grommets, I used white duct tape around the hole to give it extra support, you don't really need that much lacing as it doesn't need to be very tight on the frame. See a video of it here and mine is free standing (we extended the bottom so that it has "legs").

    If you need to paint the fabric (as I did, it needed to be silver for my projector), do so BEFORE you put it on the frame. I found that out the hard way. :/

    I can see the Cygwin setup application on his desktop, so he's on the right path (to using linux) : ) (off topic: I have a chaotic destkop like that too, last time I ordered had 600 files... I just pour everything I download there >.<)

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    Actually, I usually have an XP box, and a Ubuntu box running side by side.

    punch round holes,quarter inch or larger with a paper punch or other punch. Round holes have much greater tearout strength, the larger the better within reason of course and closely spaced as you have done is of course best for performance.