DIY LED Projector (i Stopped Working on It)




About: i like electronics and im study electricity at school
i have seen the projector instructable from newtonn2 and now i gonna try to made one for my self this is not a comlete instructable (yet)
before i begin, im from belgium and i can a little bit english but not much i try to use google translate not to much because i like to learn it by myself
 im not very experienced i know  the basics from electronics
and if you like to know i am 15 year old  and please do not comment that I'm too young to make this, i have done more advanced things but i have not any experience with lenses and optical things like the lcd that i gonna use
and please do NOT comment that i copied newton2 his work im just a fan of him that want a cheap projector :p
thanks for reading this and i hope you enjoy my instructable


Step 1: The Idea

wel i have seen the instructable from newtonn2 a while ago but i had the know-how to make that time now im now much more about electronics so i was begone thinking:
mmmmmmm what can i do with a projector?
i could watch moevies with it 
i could connect it to my laptop and play some games 
but the coolest thing that i could do with it is that i make a giant touch screen with my laptop the projector my bluethoot dongle a wiimote and a ir pen
well i tested the wiimote thing alredy and it works however and  now it gonna sound a litlle bit stupid: but i not have sucessfully made an ir pen and i could not test it with my camera because that old thing dont have nightvision or someting else  where i can see of the led actualy work i have tested it so far with the tv remote :P
thats wy i wanne make the projector  and of course becaus it is pretty cool

Step 2: The Design

well i dont now what i must set first: the parts needed or the design 
so i just go for it here are the two best options (i think)
i made them both in sketchup8

1. the first is like that from newtonn2
with two mirrors but i think that i go for option 2
2. everyting in one straight line the three reasons for that are its much easier to play with the distances and two
i dont need that mirrors and three i dont now much of all that optics things mayby you people can help me with that 
please give me any advice about the optics 

UPDATE: i have made something between these two i alredy have and ik think i gonna work with this new design

3.the led on the side and a mirrior to reflect te light from the led to the lcd and then from the lcd straigt into the lens without a mirror between them like newtonn2 with that design i have not that long ugly box and i have a big space where i can place the electronics and stuff
the last three pictures are the new desing and i thing i  gonna use that

anhoter: question how far should i place the fresnel from the lcd ?

Step 3: The Parts Needed

i am pretty sure about the things i conna use but there are some partse where i had no experience with so hopefully somebody can help me with those
some parts are not needed because i have a replacement for that on my list but i gonna order you never now
the only parts that i have are: the heatsink (i have three heatsink's )
the fans

so here is the list:

30W led
price: 20,06 euro

fresnel lens (x2) i dont gonna cut a piece out of a big one so i order these 
price: (for the two togheter) 1,84 euro

lcd, i gonna use the same as newtonn2 but as somebody know's one of the same size with a higher rezolution please tell me
price: 19,35

thermal paste i conna buy a big tube because i can always use it
price: 5,95 euro

the last lens
price: 16 euro
LOOK OUT!!! it was 15 euro for shipping costs so thats in total over 30 euro

the condenser lens, the handy thing of this is that it is made for my led so i dont must use copper wire or something like newtonn2
price: 9,28
site: link (this was pretty long)

LM350 (x2) 
price: (for the two) 1,84 euro
site: link (this one was also to long)

the 12 volt regulator (x2)
price: (for the two) 1,53

and at least the loose electronic parts
i dont have made a price for these because i can get these in a local store

- 560 Ohm  Resistor

-(2) 1N4001  Diodes

- 0.1 uf  Capacitor

- (2) 10 uf  Capacitor

- 100nF Capacitor

-  5k variable resistor

so that was my list 
my budget is 100 euro and i can't make that beause i have 35 euro shipping costs and than i not have alredy count that ****** taxes with it 
concusion this project will take long because i dont have the money to buy everyting that i need but i begin on it and see how far i can go until my budget is ran out
UPDATE: budget problem is solved everyting is orderd

Step 4: The Heatsinks and the Fans

here are the best heatsinks and fans i could find in house
i think that the heatsink where i mount the fan to (see video) the best is for cooling
but i think its hard to mount the led to it thats wy i want the flat heatsink without the copper
but i dont know of it cools good enough has any body expericnce with that

the maximum of the lcd is 40 c° but i like to hold it under 30 in the case
thats wy i choose for two fan's one that blows air in trough the heatsink and a liitle one near the lcd that sucks air away
i dont knwo of that wil woork mayby somebody has another idea?
UPDATE: i gonna use the big one without copper for the led and the little one for the LM350

Step 5: The Lenses

i have recieved the last lens today, here are some pictures 
it looks good ,no scratches or anyting like that

UPDATE: the fresnel lenses have come this week 
I have to order more or they would not send

UPDATE2: the lens for the led has come today (pictures added)

Step 6: The Circuit

i dont understand that the circuit from newtonn2 not broke his led because there was not an current regulation 
thats wy i made my own circuit for driving the led,the fans and the lcd 
i have made a safe system where i cant run the led without the fans are on but i can turn the led, the fans and the lcd separately on
i have done this so i can let the fans on tto cool evryting down if im done with projecting something and if i need only light and no image i can turn the lcd off but led the led on

UPDATE: i made also pictures of the lm350 i recieved today (20/2/2012)

Step 7: The Led

finaly i have recieved the led today
i first tought the led was much bigger but is was pretty small 
i hooked the led up to my atx power suply (i made an bench top power supply from it)
on the 24 0,8 amps 
i tought (again) that my power supply had an overcurrent protection 
but not 
it broke :(  ( the power supply)
i tested the led with 12 volt adapter and it still works :)
but now i have no power and not the money to buy a power supply or even not a laptop charger :(
so i have to wait for the resistor so i can make an driver for the led  
(the wires have i soldered to it and the battery is for comparison in size with the led)

UPDATE (23/2/2012) 
i have found today an adaptor with 12V 800mA 
i checked the voltage off it and noticed that without an loud it gave 16V 
i hooked up my led and my multimeter in series to measures the the amps and noticed that the led draws only 0.34A so that was perfect for testing
i found that is was alredy pretty bright an ,i can go to 2.1 amps so this was even not the half off the power it can handdle

Step 8: Testing the Optics Without Te Lcd

oday (23/2/2012) i have tested the optics it looks that its gonna be a pretty big thing
i have not much to say about this, just look the three vids and/or the pictures
it was alredy dark outside when i did this all but the pics where made with flash somwhere in the fisrt video you see a flash, this is not from the led but from my camera

UPDATE (24/2/2012) 
now i dont understand it anymore 
i was again playing with the distances for the optics and a saw that i need two fresnels to get the light small enough to go trough the triplet lens but as it go trough the triplet lens nothing happend the light beam stays the same as without the triplet lens 
i hope not that i ordered the wrong lens or fresnel
can somebody help me please? ( i made a video so its easyer to understand what i mean (the first video))



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    28 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 8

    Hail TVmaster,
    First of all,
    I'm happy to see that someone is trying to build a projector with these Dextreme 30w Led too. Everyone told me that wold never work but i still believe that it does.

    I haven't finished mine, so I may be talking bullshit but understand this as tip.

    I saw that you bought two fresnels with Focal length of 120mm and in wikipedia they say: "Fresnel lenses of different focal lengths (one collimator, and one collector) are used in commercial and DIY projection. The collimator lens has the lower focal length and is placed closer to the light source, and the collector lens, which focuses the light into the triplet lens, is placed after the projection image (an active matrix LCD panel in LCD projectors)..."

    So this might be problem.?!

    The other thing could be both Lens facing the same direction acting as a Collimator. But I don't believe that is what happening.
    Just guessing.

    Good luck with your baby. ;)

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 8

    thanks but i am stopped the project to buy a tablet (i did say this in the main part of the instructable by the comments
    i did had a few problems with the fresnnel lenses but i just played with the distances and everyting was good
    but i gonna sel everyting for a tablet



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    im sorry but i gonna stop with it, i dit not ordered the lcd
    i gonna stop because i want a tablet pc it is more importand for me beause my laptop is not very mobile anymore
    and I'm selling everything I have purchased to get the money for the tablet,sorry
    but I do not know yet whether I leave the instructable or not
    what schould i do, set it offline or leave it?



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i dont kow ether
    i have tested it today but it dont change anyting to the light beam
    mayby i did used it wrong


    7 years ago on Step 2

    @anhoter: question how far should i place the fresnel from the lcd ?

    it sould be 1 to 1.5 cm but not closer than 1cm or longer than 2cm

    3 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    sorry but i dont now that, i gonna need to find it out self
    i recieved the led the regulators and the lens for the led today
    but stupid enough i burnt out my power suply with the led, the led is luckly still ok
    but now i cant test the optics and i dont have a backup power suply so i must search for an laptop charger with enough current and enough voltage but i dont have one in house and i dont have the money anymore to buy one :(


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    thats sad :(
    if your LED is not black or anything like that then its still working
    also remember never to test the led without the heatsink on and also never give the led more amp's from its maximum


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    the led is still ok the worst thing that could happen is that the led broke but luckly its ok
    i have tested the led not longer than 10 seconds because i dont have heatsink paste stuff


    7 years ago on Step 4

    hey i have also made a projector with a 30w led and i used a smaller heatsink and i have no problem with it the maximun i have run the projector was 2hours for a test and the lcd was about 25-30 C so yeah dont worry about that
    also the temperature depent on how many current you will give to the led so if you over do it (like i did) the led will be burned

    1 reply