DIY Relaxing Music Stick (rainstick)




Wow I really have no idea what this is called. But who cares anyway. It is cool and thats what matters isn´t it?


Step 1: The Mission for Relaxation Begins.

Now to start off with I should just say that the main ingrediens is a hollow stick (preferably  bamboo) with a wood like structure. You can have it just as long and as thick as you want to. Smooth out the edges, then you are ready to go.

Step 2: Cut Your Holes

Drill or cut a hole in one of the ends. Mine isn´t hollow yet, it has got one more level in the middle. Dig through the middle and drill a second hole. Glue it back together.

Step 3: Amazing Sound

Cover up one of your edges with something as simple as cardboard. Fill your tube up with small stones until the right sound comes out  of it when you turn it upside down.(REMEMBER TO HOLD A FINGER OVER THE PART YOU DIDN´T PUT CARDBOARD ON!!) When it sounds decent, glue some cardboard on the remaining open side too.

Step 4: Relax

Go take a nap or make an orchestra or simply just have some fun with your new sound thing (Please comment if you know what it is called.)

And if you want me to make anything you like please comment it! I would love to hear some creative suggestions.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It's called a rain stick. Different size pebbles, dry beans or BB's make various sounds as well. I've seen rain sticks as long as 6'...very cool sounds!

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    It's a rain stick! Believed to be invented by the Aztecs, but no one knows for sure, it was thought that using one could bring about rainstorms.
    How has your weather been since you made this?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I had no idea it was invented that long ago! And surprisingly it has actually just rained!!