DIY Room Decor - 3 Ideas to Upcycle Plastic Animal Toys With Spray Paint!

Introduction: DIY Room Decor - 3 Ideas to Upcycle Plastic Animal Toys With Spray Paint!

In this video I bring you three really simple ideas to up cycle this toys and make accent pieces to decorate your rooms.

The first one is really really simple and only consist in covering the lion with some golden spray-paint. Just make sure to do this in a ventilated place. Cover the whole surface of the figurine with several layers of the paint waiting a couple of minutes between layers.

For the bookend, you are going to need apart from the plastic tiger a little box that can be easily found at any craft store.
You just need to glue them together with some strong glue.
Afterwards, again cover everything with the spray paint... and that's it!

For the last idea you need to cut the plastic elephant in half with a simple knife.
We're just going to need the head part.
Then file the edges a little bit to smooth them out and cover it all with the spray paint
To attach the elephant to my corkboard I'm using a little piece of the strips that are usually used to hang up frames and mirrors, but you can use any type of glue instead.

There it is!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I think I will try this using silver. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


    5 years ago

    Who knew a coat of metallic spray paint could change those cheap animals to awesome room decor !


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love this project. (Following!) You might like our painted toy magnets post. Cheers :)