DIY Room Decor - a Wall Art With Toilet Paper Rolls!?!? (almost Free)

Introduction: DIY Room Decor - a Wall Art With Toilet Paper Rolls!?!? (almost Free)

Inspired by some pictures on Pinterest I decided to make my own toilet paper roll wall art. I hope you like the tutorial and If you didn't already know this amazing idea I hope you feel inspired by this video.

So the first thing you will need is of course some toilet paper rolls that you can collect throughout the weeks at home, and of course depending on the size of the wall art, you will need less or more.

As I'm doing in the video the first step is flatten them out until you get that shape, and then cut them out in pieces of more or less  1cm. I cut each roll in 6 pieces.
Repeat the same process with all the rolls.

Now comes the fun part! Decide the design by arranging the slices into different shapes.
Once you've decided your design start gluing the pieces together.

Then cover your wall art with some spray paint, just remember to follow this step in a well ventilated placed.

For a more personal touch, I decided to add some rhinestones to the middle part.
And the wall art is finished! I hope you liked the video and give it a try!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    this is awsome i might do this to my new room


    6 years ago

    cool will definitely do this for my sisters room