DIY Room Decor for Fall! No Sew Pillows, Tumblr Inspired Decorations & More!

Introduction: DIY Room Decor for Fall! No Sew Pillows, Tumblr Inspired Decorations & More!

Hi guys! Fall is around the corner so it is the perfect time to make our room super cozy and warm. Today I will show some DIY ideas that will help you personalizing your room  for the season but of course without spending a lot of money.

For the first idea I got the inspiration from Tumblr and you will need:
A candle, Some fake leaves And some rope.
First place some double side tape on the back of the leaves and tape them to your candle. Then take a piece of rope and tie it around the candle and make a bow. This is the easiest way to spice up your candles for the fall season.

One easy way to change your room decor is changing your bedding, I chose this white one because it gives that feel of fresh start. And because fall doesn’t mean that everything has to be dark and orange.
Of course you can also change your pillows, so I will show you how to make this two ones.

For the first pillow I got the inspiration from anthropologie and you will need:
A pillow, some fabric, some colorful pompom trims, and some fabric glue.
The first thing I did was cut the pompom trims individually but you can skip this step if you want to use just one color or you have a multicolor trim.
Then you will need a piece of fabric the same size of your pillow plus a few cm of seam allowance. Make sure that it is right side up and start gluing the pompoms all the way around, facing inwards.
Then take two pieces of fabric one with half of the width and the other with three quarters of the width of your pillow and hem the edges with the fabric glue.
Then just glue them to the other part right sides together. Glue first the larger piece and then the smaller one. You can use some pins to hold the fabric together while the glue dries.
Let it dry for a couple of hours, turn the pillow case inside out and put the pillow inside. And that’s it!

The second one is even easier and you will need:
A pillow, some gold fabric and fabric glue.
First take a piece of fabric with this measurements. Place the pillow in the middle and mark the sides. Then make sure it has the correct width.
Flip it over and fold it as I’m doing in the video, making sure that the marks we made stay at the two sides. Then take your glue and sew the top and bottom part.

Finally turn the pillow case inside out, place your pillow inside and you will have a super cute new pillow for your bed!
Now you can complete your bed with more pillows. Adding a blanket and some fairy lights also help to make the room super cozy.

The last idea is this super cute wall art and you will need:
A frame, a piece of paper, fake leaves and some markers.
First measure how big you want the piece of paper to be and cut it out.

Then stick a couple of leaves at the top art and start writing your quote. I recommend using a pencil first just in case and then going over with the markers. Finally put the frame back together and that’s basically it!

So I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know in the comment if you want to see more of this and if you try some of this ideas send me a picture on twitter because it makes me really happy to see your creations. Thanks for watching!!

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