DIY Secure Dog Leash - Turn a Nylon Leash Into a Secure, Lockable Leash.




Introduction: DIY Secure Dog Leash - Turn a Nylon Leash Into a Secure, Lockable Leash.


There are a few common sense things that I feel I must say since we are talking about animals. 
1. Don't attach the collar too tightly. There should be room for two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck.
2. Be REALLY careful when deciding what type of lock to use. If you have a great memory but are bad with losing keys, get a combination lock. Give a key/the code to a few friends and if using a code, store it in your phone.
3. Don't leave your dog alone too long, other things can happen besides theft i.e. another dog could attack it, someone could harass or feed it something bad.

I take no responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of using this Instructable. Err on the side of caution always and let's take good care of our mates!

OK, that's done! So this idea came after the attempted theft of my dog while he was tied up outside a shop. My dog is very friendly and not at all threatening so anyone can easily wander up and take him and he wouldn't be phased.

Dog theft is on the rise! There are secure collars on the market but they are expensive so I decided to make my own. My version is not pretty or perfect, but it does the job. This works the same way but looks a bit less fancy, especially with the exposed chain and padlock. If you do want to buy the real thing,

You will need:
Some chain - I got 2mm chain normally used for hanging plants. Preferably the same colour as your lead.
A nylon lead. I had an old black one so used that. The chain adds weight to the lead so pick one that's not too long.
Two padlocks. Get the double pack so the same key works for both locks.
Pliers to cut the chain to length.
Needle and thread.

Step 1: Measure and Sew the Chain!

You want to leave enough slack chain on the hook end to you can loop it around your dog's neck comfortably. Leave more than you need so you can test it on your dog before cutting the rest. Leave a bit loose on the handle end for easy locking.

Sew the chain down the middle of the lead. Sew each link down so that it's securely bound to the lead. If there are gaps in the links where the thread can slip through, sew down the part of the link that is not open.

Once it's all sewn down, it should look like this.

Step 2: Check That It Works on Your Dog.

For some reason the photo is upside down! I don't have one of those dogs who can sit still once the leash is out, but I did my best to take a photo of the collar end.

The collar part should fit around your dog's  comfortably neck without being able to slip it off. Don't use the hook itself or your dog's collar to attach it, obviously it's no longer secure.

The handle end works the same way, snap on the padlock and you're good to go.

Step 3: The Finished Product!

There it is in action. It looks pretty much like a normal lead. 

Like I said, please be careful not to lose the key/code! I know it goes without saying but still, I said it :P

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