DIY Shamballa Bracelet-pearl and Seed Beads Bracelet for Mom

This diy shamballa bracelet tutorial aims to show you an easy way about making a bracelet for mom as a lovely and warm present for oncoming mother’s day!

Step 1: Make the Top Stopper

1st, snip 3 pieces of 1.5m threads, among which two are cyan color and one is violet;

2nd, pick violet thread and slide green acrylic bead onto its center;

3rd, tie a granny knot below to secure this top stopper.

Step 2: Diy Shamballa Pattern in a Different Way

1st, use a square knot to combine cyan threads with violet thread;

2nd, align violet at center, cyan at sides and slide one pearl to violet and two seed beads to both sided cyan;

3rd, take c2 as axis and use c1 and v1 to tie a pair of square knots to secure the strung beads;

4th, similarly use v2 and c4 to tie square knots around c3;

5th, braid in this way until it reaches your desired length.

Step 3: Make the Bottom Loop

1st, cut off c2&v1 and singe their ends;

2nd, wrap v2&c3 into a loop and use c1 &c4 to tie several square knots to secure its end;

3rd, use rest c1&c4 to tie a sliding knot with leaving a proper sized loop for clasp.

Step 4: The Finalized Bracelet Will Be Like This:

The delicate bracelet for mom is done! Have you masted this special way for diy shamballa bracelet? Isn’t it a good idea to apply the design onto your next father day present or kids’ day present?



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