DIY Shamballa Style Bracelet With Spikes!

Introduction: DIY Shamballa Style Bracelet With Spikes!

On today video I will show you how to make this cool Shamballa style bracelet with beads and spikes, although it looks complicated, it's really easy so if you want to know how to make it, keep on watching.

All we are going to need is:
Black leather like cord, three spikes and four beads of your choice.

First cut three cords of one meter each and Stick  them to the table  to prevent moving.

To start the bracelet, First, Place cord 1 over the top of cord 2 and under the cord 3.
Now, Take the cord 3 and Put it under, and then through the loop made between cords 1 and 2.
For the second half of the square knot, Place cord 1 under the cord 2 and  then over the cord 3.
Take the cord 3 and Put it over, then through the loop made between cords 1 and 2.
That's one square knot.

Then make four more square knots.

To Place a bead, just thread it onto the middle cord and continue making the knots,
I made two square knot between the beads and the spikes.
As you see, The  spikes don't have a hole so what I do is make another square knot but before tighten it up I place the spike in one of the loops that is created.

When you're done with the beads, Make the exact same amount of square knots as at the start, I made 4 but you can make more or less depending on the size of your wrist.
Cut off the ends of cords 1 and 3 on both sides and secure them this some clear nail polish.

To make the clasp place the bracelet as its shown in the video and Place a new cord halfway across the two remaining cords. The two middle cords now become the centre cord and the new piece of cord turns into the left and right cords.
Make some more square knots. But Keep it a Little bit looser this time , because it needs to slide.
Cut off the ends again and secure them with more nail polish.

Finally, Tie two Little knots at the end of the cords and you are done.

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