DIY Simple Audio Mixer

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Assalamualaikum '

Hello people . i'll gonna make the DIY mixer device .(like dj stuff)

i hope you enjoy

so lets get start :)

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Step 1: Prepare :

you'll need :

- a lunch box

- 4 piece 10k resistor

- a swicth DPDT

- 4 piece , 3.5mm male audiojack

- 3 piece , 3.5mm female audiojack

- a RCA female audiojack

- 3 piece 50k stereo potentiometer

- a piece of 100k stereo potentiometer

- 4 piece of knob for potentiometer

- a wire

- a headphone

- and soldering kits

Step 2: Doing

- now print this scheme circuit / you can download it

Step 3: Make a Hole ..

Make a place / hole for :

- 4 potentiometer

- 3 , 3.5mm female audiojack

- a RCA female audiojack

- a switch DPDT

Step 4: Painting -

Now i paint the lunchbox into black colour

: if you doesn't like black colour , you can paint it with colour you want :D

Step 5: Placing -

IF the paint get dry well , now place the component to the lunchbox

this the component you need to place :

- 4 potentiometer

- 3 , 3.5mm female audiojack

- a RCA female audiojack

- a switch DPDT

Step 6: Time to Work :)

- now get soldering . ( you need to be focus and concent cause the solder is hot :D :D )

- and dont forget to install the male audiojack

Step 7: How to Play

- its done ??

- now play it ... how ??

- you'll need 2 gadget / device like , handphone ,mp3 , laptop ,tabs ,or pc

- put the 3.5mm audiojack for device 1 and 2 . like on scheme pic

- and put the RCA audiojack for your speaker

- and one left ausiojack is for headphone

- there is 4 knob on the mixer device

- 1 knob mixer (see on the scheme) is for mixing between device 1 and 2 ( just like dj kit :) )

- 2 knob next is volume for each devices (see on the scheme)

- and the last knob is for adjusting volume your headphone

- now the swicth use for changing chanel from device 1 to device 2 . (its only loud on your headphone. to know whats you gonna mixing the next song . or as input )

- so the speaker is gonna be output

__ so play the music from 1 device and play the 2 device later . turn your switch to device 2 (headphone) . now you gonna listen carefully . and try to mixing 1 to device 2 or otherwise . using the knob mixer or you can combine with each volume the device

__ if you gonna mixing . try to use same tempo of the music or same genre

so now we are done

Happy mixing :-)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome audio mixer I ever see, so simple to have DJ Kits! Thanks!

    Voted for this!

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