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About: I am a student in electronics. It's not only my hobby but a style of life. As my other big love is art, I do my best to combine them together and create something new and unseen.

In this instructable you will see how to make very simple yet very effective tool for your working place. This DIY solder holder is adjusted for third hand. It keeps tin solder spool in one place and stops it from rolling all over your table. And the best part it's very cheap!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make this holder wou will need some tools and materials which can be found at home.

Tools and materials:
  • scissors;
  • a jigsaw;
  • drill bits (3mm, 8.5mm);
  • glue stick and/or sticky tape;
  • universal wood glue;
  • super glue;
  • third hand;
  • a little fan;
  • two zip ties;
  • heatshrink tube;
  • some wood;
  • plexiglass;
  • sanding sponge or sanding paper.

Step 2: Drawings

FIrst what you will need is to draw all parts. I have made this with SolidWorks. You will see the assembly video in other step. If you are lazy, you can download pdf file with all parts layout and print it.
Before glueing parts layouts on wood, take two parts of it and glue them together, to make it thicker.

Step 3: Preparing

When you print all drawings, cut them out as you can see in photos. Take glue stick and glue the smallest parts on wood. Other two parts needs to be glued on plexiglass.

Step 4: Cutting and Assembling

Before cuttin out the parts, drill all holes. It will be easier. After cutting the parts sand all edges for better look.
Glue wooden parts together, clamp them and let it dry. Then take bigger plexiglass circle and glue it to wooden part with super glue. After this, take the last plexiglass part with lug and mark the bending line. Heat that place with lighter and bend it 90 degree angle. Wait until it gets cold. Then take this part and glue it to the bottom of the holder. Also use super glue.
After all parts gets stuck, place solder holder instead of magnifying glass.
For better assembly understanding look the video.

Step 5: Finishing

After you assemble everything in place, put the solder spool in place. And that's it!

If you want to make your third hand better, put heatshrink tubes on crocodile clips. Those helps to isolate from short-circuiting the PCB and improves the grip. One more thing you can do, is to put a little fan for fume extraction. It's quite simple but very effective.

I hope this will help you. Enjoy and good using!

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    28 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I keep a spool of solder on my helping hands base too but I usually end up picking it up in order to solder with anyways.

    6 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Always a good move to backup your words with a well focused picture of some where on a cleared solder spot free surface for that dramatic work shop effect.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! It' really easy to make the video if you work with SolidWorks which has MotionStudy option.
    I think that you can find the third hand on ebay. Yes, the magnifying glass was mounted on it, but I removed it and placed my solder holder.

    In the picture you can see how the third hand should originally look like when you buy it.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    They are available many places, local craft shops, RC modelling stores, etc (although local may be slightly more expensive than eBay?)
    Just picked mine up for a better look and 'found' the Hall effect sensor board I thought I'd lost (LOL)
    Thanks for the help ;)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great idea
    I already have the 'third hand' thing plus a mall computer fan and the problem of solder rolling around.
    I just bought some activated charcoal face masks off eBay to blow fumes into, should prevent my wife complaining about the 'chemical smell
    The magnifying glass is pretty worthless for most tasks so won't be missed
    I think I'll drill a couple of holes in base and mount to a piece of plywood for extra stability

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Most of the people complain about chemical smell. I think they are strange :D
    I thought that it will be unstable when I put the solder spool but it stands very well even when you pull the solder


    5 years ago

    Genial me inspiraste modificar el mio gracias... Echa un vistazo al Tweet de @rozfek:

    It might be obvious to some who work work more often with wood, but the wood pieces should be clamped together when gluing. Gluing wood to plexiglas should be done with special epoxy that will bond well with the plexi and also have a long set time so that it soaks part way into the wood (like wood glue does) to give a good strong bond.

    1 reply

    You are right. Those parts made from wood were clamped together when I glued them, but it seems that I forgot to take a picture... If you want, you can use epoxy to attach the wood to plexiglass but I used super glue, which requires not so mush time as epoxy


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If I understand you correctly, you are talking about magnifying glass holder, which was allready attached on the third hand.
    If you are talking about the holder, it has a hole which is half way through it. So you just have to put the holder on the magnifying glass holder.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    i think i have that exact same one. Did you unscrew the band around the magnifying glass and leave the bottom part of it connected to the clamp part with the two plates?


    5 years ago

    Handy. Very handy. Just one question, where do you let the batteries for the fan? Perhaps you could make a standard for that to?

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!
    I have used DC adapter. But of course you can use batteries. I will add how to attach battery holder to third hand :)