DIY Speaker Backpack


Introduction: DIY Speaker Backpack

In this instructable i would hopefully so you how you can create your own speaker backpack like the one pctured.


the items you will be needing to complete this task are:
TOOLS: sissors
               tape (if necessary for taping the speaker contacts)
ITEMS: an old backpack (that you dont mind cutting up)
              a old binder for support
              a pair of speaker (the size is up to you)
              speaker wire              
              a speaker plate or mount to hold your speaker in place
              mini jack cable
              mini amplifier
              rechargeable battery of 12v (do not exceede 15v)

Step 2: Chossing Speaker Size and Cutting Hole for Speaker

first thing is to decide on the size of the speaker by check how much room you have where you are going to mount the speakers. i decide to go as big as i can with the speakers on the side of the backpack. i chose 5X7 pioneer speakers that i found at a junkyard inside a ford bronco and i cut out the speaker mounts aswell.

once you choosen the speaker size and have the mount ready its time to mark and cut the holes where the speaker will be positioned and mounted.

Step 3: Mounting the Speaker and Attaching the Wires

next thing is to attach the speaker wire to the speakers and mount them on the backpack.

you can add a piece of tape to the wire connectors on the speaker for added protection and to keep it in place.

mount the speakers and run the speaker cable to where your amp is going to be. i ran my wire to the front pocket because that is where i have decided to mount my amp.

insert a binder if you want support to keep your speaker facing out.

Step 4: Wiring Everything Up

now its time to wire the amplifier

Step 5: Finished Product

the last thing to do is test it out.



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    50 Discussions

    how do you charge the 12 volt battery?

    i need to see if i can find this stuff although i do have a pair of computer speakers. they just too quiet for me tho

    I have a powersport 12v battery normally used in boats and bikes, would that work too? It has AGM technology, no idea what that means. could you tell me everything I need to make this work

    I make these things... They're really cool to make and use! I've made a few already and still have them. The first one I've ever had made was a small but powerful (for its size) backpack audio system using a 2.1 Ch amplifier with an output of 5W RMS for the Sub and 1.5W RMS for the satellites. It sounded okay had some noticeable audible low bass but was mostly mid-ranged kind of bass (it at least shook the backpack fairly hard)

    My next build will happen this year in mid-October and it will be using Logitech's Z506 amplifier module which has an impressive sound power output of 150 Watts total power which will be powered by one Milwaukee M18 54W/hr (or higher W/hr) red lithium 18Volt rechargeable battery. This build is gonna be way much more powerful than any other build I've ever made. The Subwoofer in this build will be a SEALED 270Watts RMS 5.25" extreme Long-Throw High-Excursion Woofer (I've took from an unused RCA Audio System) Which will take place in to a large backpack and will weigh around 20Lbs total. (From the heavy 74 Oz. [4.6 Lbs.] Subwoofer, Batteries, Amplifier Module, and speakers, etc.) I know how to make these things and I enjoy using them. Total system build cost: about $250-$300. Sorry, I don't sell these that I make (mainly because of the way I make them it's very dangerous and power hazardous to pros alike). One thing cool about making a powerful backpack "boompack" is that you can enjoy powerful loud rumbling BASS wherever you go and nobody else really can get them (only if they know how to make one) because major Manufacturer companies don't make these things.

    On the amp, The red and white wires you plug in, What are they used for ?

    How heavy is the final backpack and what sort of speakers would you recommend?

    An old pair of colored or black tights make good dust covers

    i have one question could yhu tell me the brand name of the amp yhu used to make this project

    3 replies

    sorry for lagging to reply to your comment. but the amp is not name brand or anything the link is for a amp of the same type

    sorry for lagging to reply to your comment. but the amp is not name brand or anything the link is for a amp of the same type

    im so close how do you connect the battery to the amp thats all i need to know can you give me like a link to a battery or the connector or something online that i need

    1 reply

    this link has a battery the charger and the cable to connect to a amp like the one i used and should give a good 2-3 hours of play

    the second link is to a longer life battery i say about a good 5 hours of play

    What if I can't get or don't have speaker mounts for my speakers? I got my speakers from a Audiovox radio/CD player. The speakers were in their own thing and connected by speaker cables. They didn't have a speaker mount.

    1 reply

    sorry for taking a while to respond but you can make a speaker mount out of plywood buy cutting it with a saw to fit the size of your speakers. or you can also jus glue them to the fabric of your backpack

    Just Finished Instructable -

    muahahaahahah i put a 400W 7 inch subwoofer in mine!