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Different painting techniques can provide different results. If you need letters on a sign, free handing or stencils are the way to go. I had a sign that needed some large letters. I didn’t want to buy stencils and doubted my ability to free hand the letters. The solution: make your own stencils.

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Step 1: Plan & Make

-Measure your sign and from your message, decide how big each letter can be.

-In the word processor of your choice, use the rulers and grid marks if necessary to find the largest font size. I recommend an outline font/effect to reduce ink.

-Print and cut out the letters. Remember to leave the insides of letters such as the inside of an "A". You may need to alter before cutting. I made mine double thickness.

-Cut the excess paper and tape the stencils together.

Step 2: Apply Your Stencil

-In order to apply this stencil, a temporary adhesive is needed. Make sure you spray the reverse side of the letters so that your message is correctly oriented when affixed to the sign.

-Tape off other exposed areas you don't want painted.

Step 3: Paint

-Paint following the directions on the paint.

-Touch up as needed. I used a paint pen which didn't quite match and would require multiple coats, but from a distance looks good and suffices for my project.

Thank you.

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