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Introduction: DIY String Art

This is a DIY string project I made for my sisters wedding. She asked me to make a sign for the entrance of the reception. I wanted to make it something special and original. I searched everywhere for ideas and loved the look of string art. Everybody at the wedding absolutely loved it and I received a lot of compliments. It admittedly took me longer than I thought it would but it was well worth it.

Step 1: Template

I used one piece of plywood for the base of the project. The size of the plywood depends on the size of your project. I found plywood was the best as the nails hammered in without cracking or leaving bulky overflow. I made a template for my project and taped it in place. Masking tape worked fine. How to print a large template instructions can be found here:

Step 2: Nail

After the template was in place I hammered in the nails. Leaving the template in place while hammering in the nails worked best for me. I measured the nails 2 inches apart. To make all the nails the same height I used the spine a book pushed up against the nail as a guide.

Step 3: Don't Forget to Paint

I changed my mind half way through about the plywood backing and wanted to paint it white. As I had already hammered in the nails I had to take them all out to paint the board. I thought about painting the board with the nails already in but figured out it would be easier to take them out first. It took three coats of paint to give me the look I was after. As the holes were already there from the nails before it was easy to nail them back in.

Step 4: String

Next step is the string. As my project was pretty big I used a 300m reel of jute twine. I started the string off around the outside of the template to get a base and then spent the next 4 hours wrapping the string in and out of the nails. To finish off the project I ran the string around the outline to give it some pop. I used clear nail polish to seal the knots.

Step 5: Finished

I finished the heart before I started work on the Colbeck at the bottom. To do this I followed the same steps as above. The project was a great hit and I plan on making many more. If you have any queries or requests please let me know.

Cheers Kate



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    There are a few things that might be interesting to consider while working, here is a link to a page that describes some (no affiliation) there are tons more.

    Not sure if you mentioned this or not but did your nails poke out of the back side of the plywood or was it thick enough to drive the nail in and not stick out? Thanks for sharing your art, it is awesome!

    1 reply

    Hi teachusingtech,

    I didn't mention this but the wood was thick enough for the nails NOT poke out the back. The board I used was 19mm thick. If you wanted I'm sure you could attach a hook on the back too to hand on the wall :)

    Hi there! This would be a great DIY piece for our wedding. One question though, did you have a pattern for running your string to the nails (like each outside nail would connect with a letter nail?), or did you just connect them randomly until it looked complete?

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi rainmaker3000,

    I started off with a pattern which was connecting each outside nail to the letter nail. This gave a good coverage at first but from there I went random and used up about 250m of string. I found being random gave it a more natural look rather than stiff/spider weddy.

    When connecting the nails make sure to start the string at the bottom of the nail as with the amount of string you will need it will very soon fill the nail.

    I would allow at least 6-8 hours to make this piece. Would love to see a photo of your finished piece :)


    3 years ago

    thank's for sharring
    i will made this one for my girlfriend :))

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    sorry bad english :))

    this looks really good! would surely love to try it out

    Wow wow wow! This is beautiful!! Thanks for the great idea. I love it

    真好看 good

    It looks great! 4 hours for such a stunning piece doesn't sound too bad. Nice first Instructable too. I hope we see many more from you!

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