Introduction: DIY Sturdy SPORK

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This is a sturdy yet still lightweight SPORK that is also easy to make. Sporks are useful for camping, hiking, survival and even at home!!! There are really nice titanium models that are super lightweight and super strong and there are also cheap stainless steel models, but this is how to avoid buying one and make your own!!!!!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

This is a pretty short list but anyways here it goes:

           Sheet of sand paper (I used 150 grit)
           Sharpie marker

Materials: One plastic Tupperware Mixing spoon (or similar), I used this because the actual spoon had a flat spot perfect for cutting.

Step 2: Mark and Cut

Well this is pretty simple just mark four lines on the spoon, Then cut on the lines with a hacksaw, Next fold down the middle tabs that you cut and twist them. Now mark a line up the handle where you want it to be cut and cut the handle. The pictures say it all:)

Step 3: Filing

This step is pretty simple just file in between the tongs you cut out to clean it up, Then file the tongs on the side slightly till they are pointy or slightly rounded. Next file the end of the handle round where you cut it. There are no pictures for this step because its hard to file and photograph, So you're on you're own here!!!

Step 4: Sanding

Just lightly sand everything you cut and filed to get the burs off. Pretty simple.

Step 5: Wash Thoroughly

This is pretty simple too just run it under hot water and rub it to get all the sharpie off, Then once the sharpies off squirt some dish soap onto a wet paper towel and rub it down and rinse then do that a few times.

Step 6: You're Done!!!!

Congratulations you've just made you're very own SPORK.... Well probably not but reading this is a great place to start!!! So thanks for reading or just looking at the pictures!!! Please comment if you have any suggestions and favorite it so you don't forget to make it!!!!

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