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Hi everyone!

My brother and I are huge fans of The Flash (the TV series) and he wants to be like him and he is always thinking about it so I decided to make him a t-shirt so that he could pretend to be Flash and play and I knew this would make him so happy and I just love to make him happy and play with him so I had to do it.

And when I decided to make it I realised that there wasn't any person that has made a Flash t-shirt and has shared it with the world and I know there are so many fans of Flash so I had to share it with the world so that more people can make it and even if you're not a fan of Flash with this you can learn how to make any kind of personalised t-shirt.

I hope you find this useful or you just like how I made it but anyway remember to follow me, comment, like it, share it and subscribe to my YouTube cannel.

Step 1: Video!

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Step 2: Materials

You'll need:

-A piece of cardboard

-The Flash logo of the size of your choice(you'll need two of this)

-Paint brushes

-An x-acto knife

-Fabric paint(white and yellow)

-A black fabric marker


-A red t-shirt

Step 3: Cut the Logo

First you have to cut the white part of the logo with the x-acto knife and then cut the lightning bolt of the other logo you have printed.

Step 4: Paint the T-shirt

Before you start painting you have to place the cardboard inside th t-shirt so that the paint doesn't go through the fabric. Then you have to place the first logo where you want it and stick it to the tee with some tape. Then put the clothespins to secure everything and start painting with white. You'll have to give it a few layers and when you are done you'll have to iron it so that the paint doesn't come off when you wash the t-shirt. Then place the other logo and start painting it yellow, then when you are satisfied with the result iron it again.

Step 5: Finish It

With the black fabric marker paint the black part of the logo and fix all the little parts that aren't perfect. Then ion it again.

Step 6: Wear It

I hope you find this useful because I really enjoyed making it and then giving it to my brother.

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    4 years ago

    This is super cool! I am also a huge flash fan and funnily enough, when I found this I was wearing my own flash shirt (I bought it at Old Navy though)

    That Redhead
    That Redhead

    4 years ago

    Great job, love it!


    Reply 4 years ago