DIY- Useful Kitchen Separation

Introduction: DIY- Useful Kitchen Separation

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sometimes we just dont know and we follow what we see without more reflexion.
it was the case with our completely open space kitchen/dining room/reception room/entry.
it's very nice to live in an open space with no doors in the middle of everywhereand you have one big space instead of 4 little box !
but we need to optimise our garbage can utilisation and we want to hide it from the dining room just in front.
so we decide to bild something.

i use :
gypsum blocs
a rest of my working shedule
somes rest  tiles of my floor for the plinth

first i draw on the floor and the wall and i protect the zone with papers
then i  cut my blocs and i glu it
then i put the cuted tiles for the plinth
the last opération was to put the top on and to finish the inside arrangement.

in fact this kind of device is very usefull. of course we use it to hide the garbage can but we pose a lot of thing on the top and it can also be used as a bar !

cheers !

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