DIY Your Own Body Scrub



Step 1: Get an Empty Jar and Sea Salt

I use the Dead Sea salt but it seems a little big.

Step 2: Grab Some Oatmeal

Cut into powder

Step 3: Melt Cocoa Butter

Add the melted butter and powder into the salt

Step 4: Make It Smells Good

We can use some lemon peel or some flower you'd like. Also I squeeze the lemon juice into the salt so we can get our skin whiten.

Step 5: For Clean Effect

I use mung bean powder

Step 6: Mix Everything Evenly

So we have the scrub prepared. When you wanna apply this, just take a spoon of honey mix with the complex.

Step 7: Add Any Thing You Like

Here I tried black sugar, coffee, some flower. You can add anything you like to make a custom scent.



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