About: I am a denim upcycler. I beautify flaws and brokenness of old jeans because I think being damaged shouldn’t be the end of the story, but something more like a cliffhanger for the next chapter. My aim i...

This one of a kind belt is easy to make and easy to wear. Use one of your preloved pair of jeans to make it!

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Step 1: Find a Slightly Light Pair of Jean

Step 2: Go to My Website and Download the Pattern :)

Step 3: Trace and Cut

Step 4: Sew Both a Pieces With the Reverse Side of the Fabric Face to Face.

Step 5: Overlay One of the B Pieces at 5mm From Piece a Edges and Sew a 2 Needles Stich at 3mm From the Edges

Step 6: Overlay One of the C Pieces at 5mm From B Edges and Sew a 2 Needles Stich at 3mm From the Edges

Step 7: For a Nice Fray Effect Soak the Belt Into Water, Rub and Dry

Step 8: For a Bolder Fray Effect User Sand Paper to Fray Up the Edges

Step 9: Cut Threads You Think Are Too Long

Step 10: Share Your Projects #DENIMUPCYCLERS

Step 11:

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