Introduction: DIY1702 - UPCYCLED DENIM BAG

About: I am a denim upcycler. I beautify flaws and brokenness of old jeans because I think being damaged shouldn’t be the end of the story, but something more like a cliffhanger for the next chapter. My aim i...

Are you like me? Even if it is a cozy Sunday afternoon after two lattes
and a newspaper, you still want a cute grocery bag to match your lazy outfit as you head to the market? Well here’s a treat – this bag is the perfect one for just messing around and lazing about while carrying any and all of your odds and ends around town.

Make it reusing some of your preloved jeans:)

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Step 1: Watch the Tutorial Video:)

Step 2: You Will Need to Pairs of Jeans for This Projects

Best is men's jeans. Their thicker and most of the time not too stretch

Step 3: Download the Pattern on My Website, Trace and Cut the Fabric

Step 4: Sew Both a Pieces With the Reverse Side of the Fabric Face to Face at 1 Cm From the Edges

Open the seam allowance and topstitch it at 5mm from edges. Repeat same operation on the other A pieces

Step 5: - Overlay One of B Pieces at 1cm From a Edges and Sew a 2 Needles Stich at 3mm From the Edges. Reapeat Same Operation on Each Side of Both B Pieces.

Step 6: Use Shoelace and Fix Them on Middle Seam

Step 7: Fix Applique Et 3mm From Edge

Step 8: Double Stitch the Bottom of the Bag. With the Bag Right Side In.

Step 9: Overlay C Pieces Together Riverside Face to Face and Topstitch All Around It.

Fix the tip of C with the tip of B reverse side face to face. Make this step on both side

Step 10: To Have a Nice Fray Effect Use Sand Paper to Fray the Edges

Step 11: Make a Bow Knot With the Straps

Step 12: Share Your Projects #DENIMUPCYCLER

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    very clean, very simple, I love it and I love that outfit in the picture too:)

    Kinsu atelier
    Kinsu atelier

    Reply 2 years ago

    That outfit is all thrifted ithems, that pant-sjirt is just one of my fav pieces and the bag is basically rocking any outfit I can think of. thks xox


    Reply 2 years ago

    no problem :)