DIY.LED USB Keyboard Base for Fast Typing-Easy Controlling

Introduction: DIY.LED USB Keyboard Base for Fast Typing-Easy Controlling

LED - USB Keyboard Base For Fast Typing & Easy Controlling

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For long time I didn't like to type on a flat or low keyboard, even the small stands coming under each keyboard was not good enough for me, as stands are usually 2 or 3 cm
High but I need a height of 5cm max. I decided to make this keyboard base for myself, meanwhile the LED feature lights around my monitor, the table and gives a nice background to my desktop.

All I needed was some plastic boards, LEDs and some wood parts, nuts and bolts wire.
Also this project has got a feature to let my smart phone stand just in-front of me, so I can see any email or call immediately while I am busy with my computer.

Let me know if you had any question or suggestion about the project, I will reply as soon as possible.

Here is the link to my channel check out my other projects:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    excellent professionally job. Well executed and the video is really amazing as the result.5/5* and more. I wish had some more space on my office to build this keyboard case..

    thanks for sharing this!