DIy Cement Decoration Bowl





White cement,towel , Acrylic colors,acrylic lacquer, weather coat distemper , beige premier , dry leaves, PVA glue,sand paper, blue small stone ,crystal ice stone.

I tried to make cement decoration bowl ,you may made the vase using same method .Thanks for watching , if you like the video please press thumbs up button .Feel free to ask any question or suggestion in comment box & subscribe my channel .

Step 1: Bowl Making With White Cement

Take any big pot & cover with cling film.Now take white cement ,make the smooth mixture .Take square piece of towel ,dip in mixture & place it on the pot like i did .Leave it about 24 hours for drying .Take out the cemented pot , rub it with sand paper & hobby knife clear the edges . Now fill the holes with cement ,again use sand paper 150 grit . For smooth surface i made mixture of weather coat distemper beige color & primer. Let it dry . Now take sand paper of 150,480,800,1200,2000 grit . Apply these sand paper for smooth surface .

Step 2: Coloring

After required result i used acrylic colors of lemon yellow , green & blue ultra marine. For marble look i used thin card instead of brush.Leave the bowl for drying . For beautiful look i used blue stones in the center of the bowl .I used PVA glue for the stones & ice crystal stones . secure the stone with PVA glue (spray)

Step 3: Back Side of Bowl

For the back side of the bowl , color it first .I used white & brown acrylic color. Let it dry. Use the PVA glue for dry leaves,stick them on back side.Take silver color & make the thin line on the edges, on front & back both sides. I used acrylic lacquer spray for finish look.

Step 4: Artificial Stones

For the beauty of bowl i used few artificial stones & stick them on edges. DIY cement bowl is ready for the decoration .I placed it in the center of my table in living room.

Step 5: Few Pics

Here are few pics of my beautiful bowl. If you like it please press thumbs up button & subscribe my channel.

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    6 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    26 days ago

    This looks great! I really like the leaf pattern on the back of the bowl :)

    1 reply

    4 weeks ago

    Very well done. They are gorgeous :)

    1 reply