DJ Radio's "The Blueprint." - Simple K'Nex Beginner Pistol.

Here it is. DJ's pistol for inexperienced K'Nexers. If you haven't used K'Nex before, this pistol is recommended. Also would be good for mass producing in wars!

So, here it is. Enjoy!


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Step 1: Firing Pin

Well. Here we go. Firing pin.
If you have super-glue, use it where the super glue tube is pointing. I HIGHLY reccomment you find some. I got 5 tubes for 2 dollars.

Image 10 : Do this to one of the connectors. This makes the connection loose.

Step 2: Barrel

Well, here's the barrel. I apologise for bad image quality.

Step 3: 1st Layer.

Follow pictures!

Step 4: 2nd Layer & Trigger

Yup, just follow pictures!

Step 5: 3rd Layer

Haha, yup!

Step 6: 4th Layer


Step 7: 5th Layer, Then Putting It All Together!

Well.. The title says it all really.

Step 8: Firing!

First, get 3 x #64 rubber bands. They can be purchased at most shops. Chain them together, and put them around the pin. At the front of the barrel is where the two sides latch on. The middle connects to the pin.

Pull back the pin. If you have set up the rubberbands on the trigger like in the instructions, the pin should lock in place.

Place any rod in the end of the barrel. It should lock in. Don't push it in too far though!

Now, aim at your target and fire!

 - Enjoy, and use safely. Sincerely, ajleece.

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