DJI Drone USB Cable Hack

Introduction: DJI Drone USB Cable Hack

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I hate cables and wires! If you read any of my other Instructables you would know this...

So here we go again... Simplifying, Ceaning up and De-cluttering my life.

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Step 1: Like Always!

Everyone gives you a cable that is either way to short or instainly long!

Honestly who wants their S**T looking like this?

This is NOT professional at all! It looks like crap and hooks and tangles up on on everything you walk by.

So lets fix it!

Step 2: Before We Start

The results of this project come out best if you have a cat falling asleep in the back yard.

Step 3: Length and Size

You know what I'm talking about!
(Wink Wink)

Grab your "handy dandy" measuring tape if you'd like...

But real men know what 10" inches looks like! ((Insert winks x2 again) it's a ruler minus 2")

This is about the (above) average length I need here.

It will get the job done with a little "extra" to spare. (Insert winks x2 again, again)

Now size! (Insert winks x2 again, again, again)

Normally I'd go with the good old "wrap my hands around it" shaft for this one ((Insert winks x2 again, again, again, again) i.e. a broom handle)...

But this one is going to require some finesse!

Step 4: A (Get It?) Perfect for This Job

Grab your BIC...

I went with the Ultra Round Stic Grip.

Your gonna want a long straight one.

Nobody likes a limp BIC!

Step 5: Nobody Likes a Dirty BIC Either

Your gonna wanna prep and groom a bit.

Unprotected contact with dirty BIC's may lead to the transfer of STD's (Standard Transfer of Dirt) onto cables.

Step 6: Always Use Protection

Start wrapping at the tip of your BIC.

Start off slow. Remember this is (Get it?) and possibly some business so your gonna wanna do it right.

Step 7: Double Wrap It

I know double wraping your BIC makes the next step less pleasurable, On the other hand it helps with prematurely coming... off....

Step 8: Time to Really Heat Things Up

Brace yourself and thrust your BIC in and out of that nice hot... air...

Step 9: After You're Pleased

After you're satisfied.... (with the results) pull the protection off.

Step 10: Clean Up

Clean up all of your sticky residue.

Step 11: Pull Your BIC Out

You're more than welcome to put your BIC back in your pants at this point... Or feel free to just relax and let it lay there and admire it for all the work it just did for you.

Step 12: Walk of Shame, NO MORE!

Now you can strut around bragging to all of your friends about how hot it was with your BIC in there.

Plus you will look like a boss strutting around town like this.


He woke up...

Instagram: withered_perception

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