DL Paper Plane

Introduction: DL Paper Plane

This paper plane is one of the easiest planes I learned to fold as well as being one of the best performing.

Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials

-One piece of standard printer paper

Step 2: Folding

-Start by folding the paper in half hotdog style


Step 3: Folding

- Take the top left corner and fold it so there is a line going along the center crease

-Repeat on other side

Step 4: Folding

Take the top triangle point and fold it down like the picture tells you to

Step 5: Folding

Take the top left corner and fold it down about an inch above the upside down triangle point

Repeat on other side

Step 6: Folding

Take the end of the upside down triangle point and fold it up as much as it allows you

Step 7: Folding

Flip over

Step 8: Folding

Fold the plane in half along the center crease like so

Step 9: Folding

Fold the top down so it lines up with the bottom of the fuselage

Repeat on other side

Step 10: Finishing

look at the plane from the rear

make sure your planes wings point slightly upwards for maximum flight performance

Step 11: Tweaking

If your plane isnt flying as it should then the best way to fix it is:

-fly it a couple of times to identify the problem

-look on your plane to see where that problem is originating from

-fix it

-fly it again

Sometimes planes just do not cooperate no matter what so you might end up folding one again

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