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About: We are artists with a passion for all things art. By supporting local arts and some amazing people we're hoping we can make the world a better place, but we can't do it alone. We truly want to give local art...

We are innovators, musicians, photographers, painters and designers. Creators of worlds. Pioneers of the imagination. Storytellers dedicated to changing the art of storytelling by connecting artists. At Darke Media Group we create and publish cutting edge, interactive, mixed-media stories.

​DMG is the brain child of Michael (Feb. 26, 1984) and Reema (Jun. 1, 1986). They are both passionate writers that have a vision to tell stories using mixed-media. In order to make DMG truly come to life they recruited Danny (Oct. 20, 1980) over a dinner of excellent Mexican food to handle the business end of things. With this collaboration Darke Media Group, LLC was created.

We would use the $25,000 primarily for project development and promotions. We have several projects in the works, the first, Phantom Hearts, being released in late September. Because of the nature of our storytelling, we would also use the money to recruit artists and start a grass roots movement. The money would go a long way toward branding our company, website develpoment (for DMG and individual projects) as well as trademarking and copywriting.

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