DNA Keychain




This is a simple weave and it is called this because of the way it looks.

Step 1: Supplies



Punch(makes easier and faster to undo)

Key ring

Step 2: Thread the Ring

Thread the rope around the ring. refer to the picture. (It is backwards, sorry)

Step 3: Tie a Loop Knot at the Bottom

Step 4: Weaving Time

Start like the standard cobra stich but keep tying from one side (refer to pictures for explantion, in oder now :). In doing this it should start twisting which is normal. The very last pictur is what it should start looking like. Continue this process until you reach the end.

Step 5: Almost There

Cut the tags

Step 6: Melt the Ends

Cut close the end and melt then smoosh flat.

Step 7: Finished

I leave the loops on the end so I can put a clip through it and clip it to my pants or what ever else. You can cut it then melt it if you want.



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