DODO Case 4.7325

Introduction: DODO Case 4.7325

The DODO Case is really great, except it is not hands free, and it can be loud and obnoxious. With this new, innovative, creative, visually pleasing DODO Case attachment, all your problems will drift away.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Elastic Band

2. Ear buds

3. A piece of foam (Big enough to cover your nose)

4. Hot glue gun

5. Craft knife

7. Strong tape

Step 2: Cut Holes

Use a pencil and draw two lines: one on each side of the DODO Case, and equal distances from the back of the case. Make sure that the lines are at least 3/4 of an inch away from the back so it can hold the headband securely. Next, take a craft knife and cut holes through the side of the case, using the pencil lines as a template. Make sure the hole is wide enough and tall enough to accommodate the thickness of your headband.

Step 3: Adhere Headband

Take one end of your elastic band, and thread it through one of the previously cut holes in the DODO Case. Then, use your hot glue gun to attach the end of the band to itself on the other side of the case to create a closed loop through the cut hole. Do the same for the other side, and make sure your headband will be the correct size for your head. That way it won't be too big or too small. Wait until the hot glue has completely dried, then feel free to test it out on yourself to make sure the head band is as tight or loose as it needs to be.

Step 4: Add Padding to Nosepiece

The headband makes the DODO Case hands-free, but it also puts more pressure on your nose. First, take your nose-sized piece of foam, and place it (on the DODO Case) where your nose is supposed to go. Do not hot glue it until you are satisfied with the placement of the foam piece. Try on the case and adjust the foam as necessary to make it as comfortable as possible. After you have found it, carefully remove the case and hot glue the foam to the case. Make sure that the glue is completely dry before putting the DODO Case back on your face.

Step 5: Insert Headphones

Open the case like you are going to put in a device. Instead, take your two ear buds and insert them into the case with the speakers going towards the lenses of the case. Pull one side of the ear buds to each side of the nose piece, so the point where the ear buds connect to a single wire is pulled up against the black piece in the middle of the case. Hot glue the ear buds to the bottom of the case and the nose piece to make sure that the wire will stay out of view when you are using the case. Next, find the place on the headband that is slightly in front of your ears when you are wearing the DODO Case. Make a mark on this spot on both sides of the headband. Take the ends of the ear buds that you pulled through the nose hole of your DODO Case, and line them up with the mark you made on the head band earlier. The ear buds and wire attached to them should be vertical with the speakers at the bottom. Make sure the speakers for the ear buds are hanging about an inch below the headband. Hot glue the ear buds in this position on the outside of the headband, and do the same for both sides.

Step 6: Coil Headphones

To hide the excess wire that is dangling on the DODO Case, start by coiling the wire on the bottom of the case as close to the lens as possible without letting it block the view of the lens. The ideal spot would be right wear the side that holds the lenses meets the bottom of the case. Use a small piece of tape and secure the coiled wire to the DODO Case without letting the tape cover the lens at all. Try on the case with a device after the wire has been taped to make sure there are no obstructions.

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