DODO Case Build Night

Introduction: DODO Case Build Night

For our DODO case build, our group decided to create two handles on the sides reaching down to the bottom in order to hold the case easily. We made this from flat popsicle sticks.

The popsicles also doubles as a way to keep the phone from falling out of the box.

We decided to add wine corks to the top and a black plastic cone-shaped ornament for decoration to look as if it was a top hat. This just proves you are able to make designs and decorate your own box.

Step 1: Modifying the Case

First we added the handles to the case. You use two popsicle sticks as the handles and you need to attach the sticks by using hot glue. Let it dry and be extremely careful not to burn yourself (one of us got injured with a bad burn). Next, we added the details or modifications of the case. We hot glue gunned two corks onto the top of the case and a top-hat. We wanted to keep the project simple, useful, as well as fashionable. Now with these changes, you can hold the handles up to your face while looking through the screen in three dimensions.

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