DODOCase Bumpers

Worried that you'll drop your DODOCase? Add a layer of protection with the addition of Sugru make bumpers.

Step 1: Assembly

Assemble your DODOCase as per the instructions included in the packaging.

Step 2: Prepare Sugru

Open you the Sugru color of your choice and start to shape the it. Once the Sugru is malleable, mold the pieces into four small balls.

Step 3: Add the Sugru

Add one ball of Sugru to each of the front corners of your DODOCase.

Step 4: Have Fun

Wait approximately 24 hours for the Sugru to cure and once it's solid, you are ready to use your DODOCase with Bumpers.



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    2 Discussions

    Yeah, It molded to the corners pretty well. I'm sure with some force it will come off, but it seems pretty solid.