DODOCase (MicroDrone 3.0 Extremeflyers) Comfort Hack

Introduction: DODOCase (MicroDrone 3.0 Extremeflyers) Comfort Hack

Having finally received the Microdrone 3.0 from Extremeflyers, i soon realised that in order to use the DODOCase for FPV (First Person View) flying I needed to be an expert in pain management.

The cardboard from which the case is made of, is in direct contact with the face, but having the elastic strap holding it tight to your face was just painful after a couple of minutes. Not to mention the marks left on the skin. (See the photo of the DODOCase before the comfort hack).

Thus, in order to continue using it, I had to find a solution.

I had leftover about 30-40 cm of window / door isolation rubber band that fit perfectly on the edge of the cardboard box, thus the comfort was much improved.

Step 1: The Rubber Band

The type of rubber band that I used was similar to the one in the link below:

It has the triple ridge and self adhesive tape.

Step 2: The Final Product

I put the rubber band such that the middle ridge will be on the edge, and the two other ridges superglued to the case. The self adhesive was just not enough to hold it in place.

You can see in the photo the area (bright green) where I placed the rubber band. Take care to place also in the nose area.

Hope it helps.

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    That is definitely a big improvement over the rough cardboard.