Introduction: DOMINO TIME

It's the perfect time to refashion that clock you got as a supermarket giveaway last christmas.
Few easy to find materials and you'll have a cool new artpiece in no time.

You will need: 
Wall Clock (the ones that can be opened when you take out the screws at the back)
Domino Set 
Plain or printed paper for the clock face
Compass (Drawing Instrument)
Scissors /  Cutter
Spray adhesive
Strong liquid adhesive

1.  Take the screws off behind the clock.
2.  Carefully take out the glass and the hands of the clock and set it aside.
3.  Measure the diameter of the clock with a ruler.
4.  Using half the size of the diameter, draw a circle using a compass on your chosen paper.
5.  Carefully cut the circle you've drawn using scissors. Put a small hole in the middle enough to fit the clock pin.
6.  Spray adhesive at the back of the paper and slip it onto the clock face.
7.  Put liquid adhesive at the back of domino pieces and glue them on its corresponding position.
8.  Attach the hands of the clock back to the pin.
9.  Carefully place the glass back to the clock and screw it back to close.
10. Hang your new clock and show it to your friends :)

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    Thank you! Go ahead, make one for yourself ;)