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Getting my bike Ready for Burning Man,

My front tire blew out and my spare tire was dead by neglect :-(

Don't worry about the 9 steps, They are Quick and Short...

Step 1: Make a Proper HANGER

After buying a new spare tire for my bike,  I was going to make sure  this spare kept its shape.
Looking around, I found a used 8' length of 3/8" copper pipe that I bent up as you see.
Bending copper pipe is easy but tight curves are not, here is a video if you want perfect.
  • The main thing is the first bend, it needs to match the tire radius (see the third pic).
  • Then make the second and third bends at an angle away from where the tire will hang.
  • And the last sharp Hook bends are hard to do without crinkling the tube.
  • Finally put two 1/4" leg tips to avoid copper scratches where hung up.

Step 2: My BM Bike

Here is the  Bike  reason for this ible.

You can see the Ladyada three SpokePOV Blue LED boards.
I have assembled six sets of three for friends and family, that is 1080 LEDs
Each and every LED worked the first time, as did the board..

And you can see my spare tire hanging in the background top right.

Step 3: Steam Clean Bike Chain

Need some preventive maintenance on the bike
IF  I'm going to use it for my favorite Burning Man mid morning pastime.

Start at 10 am
Get on the bike and cross the center plya to the other side stopping at the first Bar with customers.
Then the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and  the sixth bars ( see the detailed blue map ).
By the seventh Bar,  I look into activity at Center camp.
Then on to visit Bar 8,  Bar 9,  Bar 10, and the eleventh Bar is my last great stop before returning to my RV. 

End at 3 pm..
Arriving amused and sober from peddling in the hot sun and ready for the comming nights activities after a nice
AC ( air conditioned ) afternoon nap.

Step 4: A Lighter Tire Hanger

I thought a tire hanger could be made cheaper and lighter.
iceng agreed, copper price being what it is these days.

Specifically out of 3/4" thick cardboard.

Step 5: IT Fits and Balances on a Coke

Yes.....  it was cut  correctly so it  fits the tire and now is balancing on a Coke bottle top.

Step 6: Make a Metal Hook

Bend a 1/4" copper tube by hand.
The sharp bend was made with a ball peen hammer .
The hook end was bent by a needle nose plier .
And the reinforcing of the sharp bend is a little solder applied by a marginal powered solder gun.

Step 7: Insert Hook to Cardboard

The hook was force fully pressed, by hand, into the balance point of the cardboard.

And that is the low cost, low weight  tire hanger version.

Step 8: Wrong !

Showing a  WRONG  method of long term tire storage !

You do not want to let the wight of the tire deform itself
hooked over a convenient stick, iron hook, metal beam or 2x4 wood bar.

Step 9: Tire Hanging Around

Here we see some of the many  CORRECT  ways you can store a Tire.

Collaborating for your instructable,

ICeng  and  Grengate.



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    3 years ago

    am I missing something... cardboard cheap (free if one is smart) and renewable--copper is expensive and is a limited resource ... why not use the cardboard to store your tire on and save the copper tubing for a real project (or donate it to someone who needs it or will recycle it - say Habitat for Humanity)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes you are... These are sections that froze, split and were replaced.

    Finally got window AC compressor units.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Burning Man? Would you happen to know this nutty blonde named Tammy who works for the US Forest Service and has a Space Ship-mobile? Her boy's name is Maxim. They've been doing the Burning man for a few years now.

    3 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi ice!

    No... They wouldn't know my moniker or avatar... but they will know who I am if you mention Mary from Mulege. lol... I'm a nutty blonde, too! ;-)

    Have a GREAT and CrAzY time!!!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Im going this year, there are 30K residents until Friday when the Man swells
    to 55K burners.
    I will look for Tammy and Maxim there are places where families w kids are
    more protected.
    Baja, I miss your Avatar


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I see lots of bikes in your past pics.
    I did something similar to your Trailer Hitch ible for wife's basket.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That is about a solid mount! You should post more of this stuff. I have more bike photos here:


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your nice comment.
    This easy ible became a test of ible collaboration with non pro grengate.
    The ibles robot didn't really give grengate credit.
    We don't think we will do it again.