Introduction: DOODLING 4 DUMMIES: Daffy Duck

Materials Needed; Pencil, Eraser, Black Marker/Pen
*= Lightly draw whatever follows. This is intended to making future erasing easier and your final project more beautiful.

Step 1: STEP:1

Step 1: *Draw a simple triangular volcano with some lava coming out of the top, in the top 1/4 of your paper. In the volcano's base, center on the bottom, draw the McDonald Arches (e.g: see picture).

Step 2: STEP:2

Step 2: *Draw three parentheses. One starting from the bottom left of the McDonald's arch, and arching (inside the volcano) to the bottom right of the McDonald's arch. Then *draw two parentheses on each side of the volcano. Both the same size as the first parentheses and both starting on the bottom corners and arching down outside the volcano.

Step 3: STEP:3

Step 3: *Draw a trapezoid that is below the volcano and between the previous parentheses. It also needs to be wide enough to touch the bottom part of the parentheses. Then draw a upside down triangle center on the bottom off the trapezoid, extending down to the bottom of the page. (i.g: see picture).

Step 4: STEP:4

Step 4: *Round the volcano to a slopping hill and at the top join the lava with the hill. (e.g: see picture)

Step 5: STEP:5

Step 5: *Slope the triangle at the bottom then draw a square thru the center of the sloped triangle. (Note: This is Daffy's neck)

Step 6: STEP:6

Step 6: *Draw bill. (e.g: see picture) (Note: This is awful direction, I know, but I couldn't find the right words).

Step 7: STEP:7

Step 7: *Draw eyes, nostrils, and eye brows. (Note: The eye brows needs to be on the out side of the volcano/Daffy's head)

Step 8: STEP:8

Step 9: Use your marker to trace your finished shape. Bold it in then erase all existing pencil lines on the paper.

Step 9: STEP:9

Step 10: Bask in your artistic glory.

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