Introduction: DOODLING 4 DUMMIES: Eye

Materials Needed; Pencil, Eraser, Black Marker/Pen

*= Lightly draw whatever follows. This is intended to making future erasing easier and your final project more beautiful.

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Step 1: STEP:1

Step 1: *Draw a circle about the size of a coffee mug in the center of your paper. Then draw a circle centered inside the first one but about 3/4th the size. Then draw one more circle centered inside the last one about 3/4th the size. (e.g: see picture)

Step 2: STEP:2

Step 2: *Draw an American football horizontally across the circles. It should be long enough to stretch tip to tip horizontally across the biggest circles diameter. And wide enough vertical to arch slightly below the top of the 2nd circle and slightly above the bottom of the 2nd circle. (e.g: see picture)

Step 3: STEP:3

Step 3: In the far right point of the football *draw a kidney bean. (e.g: see picture) (Note: This is your tear duct)

Step 4: STEP:4

Step 4:  *Trace the top 1/4 and bottom 1/4 of the biggest circle. (Note: You should have to arching lines that resemble a smile and upside down smile.

Step 5: STEP:5

Step 5: On the outside of the inner most circle draw lines coming out almost to resemble a cartoon sun.

Step 6: STEP:6

Step 6: Use your marker to trace your finished shape. Bold it in then erase all existing pencil lines on the paper.

Step 7: STEP:7

Step 7: Bask in your artistic glory.

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