Materials Needed; Pencil, Eraser, Black Marker/Pen

*= Lightly draw whatever follows. This is intended to making future erasing easier and your final project more beautiful.

Step 1: STEP:1

Step 2: STEP:2

Step 2: *Draw two arched squares at the bottom left and right of the circle. Starting from the in between the rings and circle and ending at the bottom of the circle. (e.g: See picture)

Step 3: STEP:3

Step 3: In the center of the circle *draw two capital “U”s, right under the center part of the ring. These will be the eyes and should take up 30% of the circle under the ring. Then draw 2 circles in the center of the “U”s for the pupils. (e.g: See pictures)

Step 4: STEP:4

Step 4:  *Draw two vertical lines at each ends of the rings. Both about the same height as the “U”s. Then connect the two vertical lines with a arching line parallel to the ring. (e.g: see picture)

Step 5: STEP:5

Step 5: Dome off the top of the previous arch. (e.g: see picture)

Step 6: STEP:6

Step 6: *Draw a square above the dome, about as tall as the “U” is tall and wide as the “U”s is tall.  Make the square a little wider at the top than at the bottom. Then *draw a small upside-sown “U” in the center of the square and on the top of the dome. (e.g: See picture)

Step 7: STEP:7

Step 7: *Draw a city scape silhouette on top of the square from end to end. (e.g: See picture)

Step 8: STEP:8

Step 8: Use your marker to trace your finished shape. Bold it in then erase all existing pencil lines on the paper.

Step 9: STEP:9

Step 9: Bask in your artistic glory.



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    5 years ago

    Great instructable